Manufacturing companies are relying more and more on smart technology – and that means cyber threats are on the rise. If you haven’t done one for your manufacturing company, an IT and security checkup is critical to keeping your sensitive data safe – and your operation running.

A survey by Deloitte revealed that manufacturing companies are seeing an increase in cyber-related incidents.

That’s due to many factors, with smart technology used in factories putting people, technology and intellectual property at risk.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cyber threats can impact your manufacturing company, but an IT and security checkup can identify pain points and assess your level of risk – and then, help you with solutions to mitigate issues.

One of the main issues for a manufacturing company is the multiple outside entities involved in projects and processes – meaning, there are many ways bad actors can get into your systems and your data.

An IT and security checkup meets you where you are and helps you identify ways to keep your information secure, set up and train employees and formulate a crisis plan if there is a breach.

At AccuNet, we understand the threats faced by the industry and can help you set up systems and processes that limit the risk, including giving vendors, suppliers and subcontractors access to only the parts of a project they need – not keys to the whole kingdom.

Keeping your data secure and your systems operational is critical to your business. AccuNet understands that and we work with companies like yours and know your unique circumstances and needs.

We have earned the trust of many Central Ohio businesses by keeping their information secure – protecting their reputations and allowing for growth and opportunity.

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