When it comes to HIPAA compliance, there are a few challenges every dental office faces.

However, it is critical that your dental office works to overcome these HIPAA compliance challenges, as patient security is critical.

Here are some HIPAA compliance challenges that every dental office faces. Read on:

  1. Resources: It’s just a fact that many dental practices are small businesses, and can face limited resources that can be overwhelming. HIPAA compliance measures can be costly and small dental practices might struggle with keeping up, as they do not have a larger budget for such measures.
  2. Truly, most issues with data security start with your staff and HIPAA compliance issues are no different. Things like training and turnover can impact your dental practice’s ability to maintain compliance – and keeping up with these measures can be costly and time consuming for a smaller staff.
  3. You know teeth inside and out – that’s your job, as a dentist! However, the dental industry has – like many other industries – seen rapid changes in technology over the last decade, and it’s only going to keep evolving. Digital records, telehealth visits and more can mean more challenges with HIPAA compliance. And dental professionals are expected not only to provide patient care but to keep up with these challenges.
  4. As a dentist, you likely use outside vendors for things like cleaning services or laboratory work. But are your vendors adhering to the strict HIPAA standards? It’s up to you as a dental professional to know the answer to that question.
  5. Cyber threats. Cyber threats are huge – and bad actors are targeting small businesses like your dental practice every day. Keeping up with IT threats is key to maintaining patient confidentiality and security.

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