When you think about protecting your business, you lock your doors, you have security cameras and you likely take other measures. But you can’t skimp on cyber security and one way to do that is to set up a firewall for your business.

One thing we always say to clients is: It’s simply not enough to have a hardware firewall without the addition of security services. So, what does that mean and how do you set up a firewall for your business?

Here are a few things to know about setting up a firewall for your business.

A firewall is your business’ first line of defense against a cyber attack. It will stand guard, monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing data, emails and more, looking for malware and other scams. You should have a firewall installed – but you also need to add security services that will actively run on it – otherwise you have limited what it can actually for you.

Before you set up any firewall (at AccuNet, we are a WatchGuard firewall partner), you need to know how big your network is, what kinds of devices connect to it and what your security preferences and requirements are. And once you set it up, make sure you connect it to everything that it needs to be connected to, making sure they are correctly configured and secure. You’ll then need to configure your firewall, making sure to use strong passwords (that you change frequently) and make sure you know what traffic will be allowed in and what you want to block.

Don’t forget to test and monitor your firewall – you want to make sure you are getting what you need to run your business while remaining vigilant against outside threats.

And finally, you’ll need to constantly update and maintain your firewall, making sure to install regular software updates which can keep you ahead of vulnerabilities and other issues.

You have physical security to protect your valuable assets – a firewall is a virtual sentry to protect your data and more.

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