If you are looking to step up your cyber security this year, you might have asked yourself: Does my business need a managed firewall?

It’s a valid question and one that you should definitely consider. A managed firewall can help your organization with administration, monitoring and maintenance – freeing you up to focus on other things.

A managed firewall provider is there for you, making sure your firewall is updated, maintained and your network is monitored – giving you reports and feedback as needed.

You can also have your firewall installed – and you can rest assured that the proper filters and applications are installed and running – and that it is updated when necessary to address new and emerging threats.

Now, there comes the question: Does your business NEED a managed firewall? A firewall is a critical piece of your business’ cyber security – and if you have sensitive data you need to protect, a managed firewall can buy you peace of mind. Some companies may need to have a managed firewall: Those that deal with sensitive medical or government data, for example. But many companies choose to have them, as they include the expertise, vigilance and security necessary in today’s cyber world.

At AccuNet, we are a WatchGuard firewall partner.

There are risks to not having a managed firewall, such as security and data breaches – which can cause you to lose clients or business. While you may have an IT team, and they are certainly capable of firewall management, they are also likely busy with the every day elements of keeping your systems up and running.

Cyber attacks happen and they are becoming more common. A simple firewall misconfiguration can cause a data breach that devastates your business – something that a managed firewall provider would likely catch and fix.

A closely watched and monitored firewall system is your best line of defense against threats, so you can focus on growing your business.

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