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AccuNet has earned the trust of many Central Ohio agencies by ensuring the security of information and protecting their reputations.

IT Services for Law Firms

Cybersecurity has never been more important for law firms’ IT services. Your client data is a target, regardless of where it is stored, and AccuNet can ensure it stays protected and only you are able to access it. AccuNet is a small, locally-owned Westerville-based business that takes pride in providing IT services for law firms in the Central Ohio area. You have unique technology needs and we understand those.

We call ourselves the IT department for businesses that do not have their own IT departments. For some legal practices, it might not make sense to have an internal IT department – but you still have a need for technology support. You cannot afford downtime and AccuNet’s team understands that – which is why we can manage your day-to-day IT operations (ensuring normal functionality) and monitor for any security and performance concerns.

We’re seeing an ever-growing threat to small to mid-size businesses, and one important service we provide is a Security Operations Center (SOC). It enables us to bring 24/7 live monitoring to your business This constant vigilance makes threats easier to detect and improves response time, saving you valuable time and money and protecting you from litigation.

One law group subsidiary that is our client moved office five times. They need minimal IT downtime so they could continue to generate billable time, and we were able to provide that with each move. Everyone was able to keep doing their job and making money. When they grew to having multiple floors, we set everything up from scratch, involved in the design of the new network and building. When you are our client, we know you and we know your needs and how to prioritize them.

We start with an assessment of what you have and what you need and always recommend an approach that includes both:

As a small legal practice, you may have questions. Are your records sufficiently secured? How can you keep your IT systems running smoothly? AccuNet has earned the trust of many Central Ohio small practices by ensuring the security of information and protecting their reputations.

Your clients deserve quality service not just with their legal situations but also with their information. And when you trust us to protect that, you can focus on what you do best – protecting your clients.

You know the law and protect your clients. We know IT security and protect your network and your client’s privacy. Are you confident that your current solutions are meeting your needs?

Are you ready for a no-obligation IT and Security Checkup?

AccuNet has been providing network support to [us] for many years. They have earned our trust by providing service in a timely manner.”

T. F., Operations Manager