When you hire AccuNet – whether it is a full-service Managed Service Plan or just utilize our expertise in tandem with your own IT staff – we know it’s important to have regularly scheduled consultations to ensure the needs of your business are being met.

At all levels of service, having regularly scheduled consultations allows AccuNet’s experts to assess, share information, talk about ideas and tactics and offer solutions to your IT challenges and needs.

It also allows the employees at your business to express their opinions, ask questions and troubleshoot challenges.

Regularly scheduled consultations allow for a constant dialogue between your business and AccuNet in a true collaborative environment, meaning you don’t have to wait for a project update.

This regular collaboration facilitates information sharing, as well, meaning your team can update the AccuNet team on any potential changes so they can be addressed in a timely fashion.

It also means decisions can be made in a expedient manner; with everyone gathered and available, there is not the lag between other forms of communication like text or email.

These meetings allow AccuNet to remain in a proactive, and not reactive, mode. We can brainstorm new ideas and find solutions to issues – improving your IT support and keeping your business on the cutting edge of security and technology.

Regularly scheduled consultations, which are a part of AccuNet’s flat-rate Managed Service Plan, allow us to discuss with your team the changing IT needs of your company and set forth a plan for the future to keep your technology on pace with your business.

If you don’t have the flat-rate Managed Service Plan, our team is available and we can set up regularly scheduled consultations as a part of your custom IT package.