No one wants to think about the worst case scenario, but when the unthinkable happens, AccuNet is there – ready to help and ensuring that you are prepared to meet the challenge head on.

IT disasters, unfortunately, happen every day and while many of them are preventable, the fact is, scammers and hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and the threats are real and constant.

At AccuNet, we take pride in our data backup solutions and disaster recovery in Columbus, for local businesses in our area. We work hard daily to ensure your company does not lose critical files and data – meaning you have little downtime.

Your company needs both disaster recovery procedures – which is a plan on how to maintain critical functions during and after a disaster. The goal is to minimize disruption to your business and maintain continuity.

In addition, your company needs a strategy to back up and store sensitive and critical data, so it can be seamlessly restored in the event of a disaster or breach.

Disaster recovery and data backup solutions aren’t the same thing, but they are both critical. Neither can be ignored or minimized. We specialize in data backup and disaster recovery in Columbus, Westerville and the Central Ohio region.

Disaster recovery and backup plans go hand-in-hand to ensure your business can recover from a security breach or failure and AccuNet can help ensure you have both for your company.

AccuNet can help your business draft a disaster recovery plan, so everyone in your organization knows what to do if the worst happens.

We can also provide the best backup solutions currently available so you can get back up and running seamlessly after a disaster. We can help your business complete a risk assessment and impact analysis and then draft a plan tailored to your unique needs – including response protocols.

As we always say: “IT isn’t expensive; IT disasters are.”