Manufacturing / Construction

Manufacturing and construction companies have unique technology needs and we understand those. You need to ensure your office staff can easily communicate and collaborate with your field and production teams, regardless of where they are. IT solutions for you mean keeping projects and production on schedule and ensuring every team in your company has the resources they always need, while ensuring that your teams are protected, no matter where their devices may be.

Law Firms

Cybersecurity has never been more important to law firms. Your client data is a target, regardless of where it is stored, and AccuNet can ensure it stays protected and only you are able to access it. We can ensure you are able to focus on your clients’ matters while we keep you protected and efficient. You can’t afford downtime, and it is our job to ensure you have maximum up time and can work productively wherever you are.

Title Agencies

You are overseeing the transfer of large quantities of funds on a daily basis, and the environment in which you do this has never been more challenging. At AccuNet, we know the risks involved in your work and can implement technology and security solutions to ensure your staff can work confidently, knowing that their communication and work processes are protected from malicious parties who seek to profit from their traps. There are many moving parts involved in successfully completing a closing and we understand that all of these can be vulnerabilities unless you have protective measures in place and your staff is trained to identify fraudulent activity.

Property Management Companies

Focusing on your tenants and growing your real estate should be your priority and you don’t want to have to be worrying about the systems you rely on to run your business. That’s where we at AccuNet come in. We’re able to deep dive into your operations and determine the best solutions to keep all of your departments from accounting to property manager offices running efficiently and securely. Your workflows are only as efficient as the systems you use, and better, more secure solutions for document management and communication means you can focus on high-priority activities.

Dental / Medical Offices

Your patients trust you with sensitive information, and that patient data is increasingly under attack from bad actors who want to get at it. Compliance is critical, but you need to be able to focus on helping and treating your patients, not worrying about the security of your network or potential email phishing attacks. Our team can take that off your plate and focus on securing your practice and let you get back to doing what you do best.

Small / Mid-Size Businesses

We understand the struggles of small to mid-size businesses, being one ourselves. IT considerations and IT security often fall by the wayside if someone is not dedicated to monitoring and managing these aspects of your business. AccuNet can provide you with an entire IT team often for less than what a single in-house IT member or network administrator would cost. We can build out secure solutions for you to meet a wide range of budgets, give you peace of mind, and allow you to focus on running and growing your business while the tech you use helps you rather than holding you back.