Cell phones, laptops, smart phones: In this high tech world, your business likely has some common hardware security vulnerabilities.

And these common hardware security vulnerabilities can put you at risk for scams such as phishing, DDos attacks and more that can be costly – and devastating.

Cybersecurity threats to small businesses are real – and it isn’t a matter of if it is a matter of when. More than half of all small businesses have had breaches.

Here are some common hardware security vulnerabilities:

  1. Hardware tampering: Cybercriminals use high-tech methods but they can also use decidedly low-tech measures, such as tampering with your storage systems or devices. It happens. People leave their devices unprotected and someone can try to gain unauthorized access. Make sure you are inspecting your hardware for signs of this and if you see them, shut down your system or device.
  2. Passwords: Passwords are a headache but in this day and age, having strong passwords that you change frequently isn’t an option – it is a must. Don’t use default passwords and consider installing a password management system.
  3. Update your firmware: If you are using hardware systems that came with the device, chances are it has bugs and issues that could lead to a breach. Ask yourself: When was the last time you updated your firmware?
  4. Human errors: It is hard to think about but your employees likely are the biggest threat to your security. It isn’t due to malicious action, but employees – especially if they work remotely – can open your company up to issues. They can open bad emails, fail to install updates and more. Training your team in security can go a long way!

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