When you think about your law firm, how do you work? How do you share documents? Are you using secure file sharing?

Sharing sensitive client documents and information is probably something you do daily, but if you don’t invest in secure file sharing, it is just a matter of time before you could be facing down a hacking situation.

You need secure file sharing and now, and here are some things every law firm needs to know.

So, what is it? Secure file sharing is a way to encrypt or protect your file transfers. It is critical to every law firm because according to the American Bar Association, only about 50 percent of firms are using encryption when sending files.

A lack of secure sharing puts your firm at risk – also, law firms are obligated to maintain attorney-client privilege, making cybersecurity of the utmost importance.

When your law firm uses secure file sharing, you can assure your clients that their data is safe and confidential. It also allows you to more easily share documents necessary to do your job – boosting efficiency and productivity.

Here are some things your law firm needs to consider.

  1. Use a trusted file sharing service that offers encryption, authentication and a log of who accessed the files – and when
  2. Invest in a cloud storage system that is HIPAA compliant
  3. Consider setting up a virtual private network or VPN as an extra layer of safety
  4. Use two-factor authentication for sensitive data or sharing data – especially confidential files
  5. Set access controls and protocols
  6. Train employees to recognize phishing scams and on data security and protocols

The security of your clients’ data is in your hands. Make sure you are treating it with the highest level of security!

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