If you run a small business, you might be wondering if the right tech solutions can help streamline your organization’s communications. The short answer is yes!

By implementing the right tech solutions, you can increase productivity in your small business. Here are some ideas to consider – namely, streamlining your company’s communications.

Technology has made it possible to communicate on various platforms – all day long. Whether your business uses a project management software system like Microsoft Teams or you communicate on email, by phone or text, streamlining communication is key. If your team isn’t using a single place to communicate, there is a chance that someone on the team will miss something. For example, if 80 percent of communication happens on your project management software, but employees are also emailing, calling or texting, something could fall through the cracks.

Putting a central communication platform in place – and then sticking to it – can boost productivity, and keep projects on track (especially if members of your team work remotely).

A good central communication platform can not only connect your employees but it can also allow them to share files, use instant messaging, and work off centralized documents.

When you switch to a centralized communications platform or system, it is likely that productivity will increase. Why? There are many reasons. Namely:

  1. Collaboration becomes easier, as ideas, changes and edits can happen in real time. It’s easier to share feedback and files.
  2. It is easier to manage projects as everyone who needs access to a task can have it in the platform.
  3. Documentation is also easier, as you don’t have to dig through notes, old emails or texts to get what you need to work. Everything is available in one place. And, you can save details, files and more so you can go back and reuse them if necessary!

There are several programs and platforms your small business can choose from if you are considering the right tech solutions this year.

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