Cybersecurity should be top of mind for all business owners, but IT security and manufacturing and construction companies is a growing issue – with unique threats and challenges.

If you own a manufacturing and construction company, one of the main threats you face in regard to cybersecurity is the number of outside entities like vendors, suppliers and subcontractors that you must work with on projects.

A survey by Deloitte revealed that manufacturing companies are seeing an increase in cyber-related incidents, meaning IT security and manufacturing and construction companies needs to be top of mind.

That large number of outside operators can open you up to security threats, so it’s a balance on how you share information while keeping your information safe.

Here are some things to know about IT security and manufacturing and construction companies.

When you are working on a project with multiple vendors or subcontractors, sharing information is critical. However, that openness can open you up to cyber attacks or security breaches. There are things you can do, however.

Sharing information based on the least privilege, for example, sharing only architectural drawings with a subcontractor instead of opening up the entire project document library (including bid documents, budgets and more), is a way to limit access and protect sensitive information. Also, when working with third party vendors, giving them only the access they need to the equipment, tools or materials specific to their role is preferred over giving them unfettered access to the entire internal network.

Every day, AccuNet works with manufacturing and construction companies, and we understand your unique needs and challenges.

Keeping your project on schedule and on budget is paramount – providing the correct level of access to allow for that is key.

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