At AccuNet Inc., we are local – and we love helping local businesses with their IT services. Based in Westerville, Ohio, we pride ourselves on our personal touch.

So, what do you want to know about AccuNet? Let’s talk about who we are – and what we do (and don’t miss out on Part Two of this series, either!).

In this blog, we are going to talk about how we are a business dedicated to serving other businesses. We are flexible and driven to support each client in the way they want – and need – to be supported. And that sets us apart.

In a nutshell, AccuNet serves as the IT department for businesses that do not have their own IT departments. For many businesses, it might not make sense to have an internal IT department – but all businesses have a need for technology support. A business cannot afford downtime and AccuNet’s team understands that – which is why we can manage day-to-day IT operations (ensuring normal functionality) and monitor for any security and performance concerns.

Having AccuNet on your team means you are free to run your business and it also means your employees don’t have to worry about IT disasters as well.

It’s our goal to be proactive, making sure that your IT support and technology is an asset to your business – something that can drive and increase leads rather than being a necessary burden.

Our team can be involved in discussions about upgrading and improving technology so our clients can focus on the work — doing what you do best.

We like to say any client invariably goes looking for an IT managed service provider because IT just isn’t their thing. We completely understand. Just like we started a business because we love IT; you started your business because you are passionate about it – and good at it.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we are here for your business and its IT needs. Contact us today!