If you don’t think your law practice is at risk of a cyberattack: Think again. Hackers know you store sensitive client data and they are willing to try and get at it. So, how can a law practice better protect sensitive client data and fend off cyberattacks? There are things you can do – and not all of them are costly and time-consuming.

It’s sad but true: law firms are susceptible to hackers and scammers. And there’s a good reason: Law firms store lots of valuable data like trade secrets, data involving current and past cases, personal information like addresses and social security numbers and corporate data on things like mergers and acquisitions.

Here are a few things to start doing today to protect sensitive client data.

Make sure your software is updated

If you haven’t updated your computer software in a while, that’s something to do right away. Outdated software is a huge risk, as your software provider is always sending updates and patches that help keep hackers at bay. This is important for your laptops, desktops and mobile devices as well – make sure employees are keeping all company devices updated.

Password managers

No one likes to constantly change their passwords and so people tend to use the same ones – on every device. This can make you vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals, but if you use a password manager, you can use more complex passwords that will ideally keep your client data safer.


You’ve probably heard of encryption software which you can put on your laptop and mobile devices – including smart phones. But is your law practice using it? Encryption devices help you protect your sensitive data – on your devices and in the cloud.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication or MFA is a simple step to take that can pay off in a big way when it comes to protecting data. It’s steps you take beyond just a password and yes, it can seem annoying, but no one wants a data breach. Consider adding MFA today.

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