In the legal profession, your clients trust you with their most sensitive data. So, when it comes to law firm IT support, are you doing all you can to protect those records?

Protecting your network, and your records, is of the utmost importance for law firm IT support. And chances are, you aren’t an expert in security – because you are an expert in the law.

That’s where hiring law firm IT support comes in. Hiring someone to protect your network and your records means you can rest assured that your properties – a major asset – are protected, with solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget.

At AccuNet, we offer free property management IT and security checkups for law firms so you can find your pain points – and fix them. If you don’t have a plan to not only secure your records but a way to keep your IT systems up and running in the event of a breach or security issue, we can help.

The fact is, law firms are very susceptible to hackers and scammers. And there’s a good reason: Law firms store lots of valuable data like trade secrets, data involving current an past cases, personal information like addresses and social security numbers and corporate data on things like mergers and acquisitions.

And the bad guys know that many law firms don’t have adequate security measures in place.

External threats are one thing, but with remote work brings internal threats too – and your employees (even if they don’t do it maliciously) can expose your network to hackers and more.

No one wants to think about a security breach or IT disaster, but the fact is, they happen. Having an expert in the field managing your security – and helping to set up an disaster plan – can bring peace of mind.

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