Most businesses have some kind of insurance: Covering all kinds of things that may or may not happen. Well, a disaster recovery plan – or backup system – for your valuable data is kind of like having an insurance policy.

If your company has insurance policies but no disaster recovery plan or backup system, you are playing with fire. Hacking, phishing, malware and more will happen to most companies at some point and if you don’t have systems in place, you could lose valuable data – and even your company.

Recently, we had a client call us after their servers went down due to a ransomware attack – caused by weak user passwords and unrecognized phishing emails. Fortunately, we had a backup solution in place for this client and we had them back up and running in a timely manner.

Here are some reasons to invest in a disaster recovery plan or backup system today.


The fact is, if your company hasn’t been hit by a hacker, it’s just a matter of time. Ransomware, phishing scams and more happen every day to companies large and small and they can be devastating. You can prevent some of them, for sure, but if you don’t have a plan to back up and restore your data – and quickly – you could face devastating consequences.


We always say: IT isn’t expensive but IT disasters are. And it’s the truth. Investing in a solid disaster recovery plan or backup system will save you money if and when you are hacked. The more downtime you have, the more money you lose. Also, the longer you are down, the more confidence your customers can lose – and they will go elsewhere.


For many companies, there’s a level of trust that customers and clients expect. If you are collecting data (credit card numbers, social security numbers and more), your customers depend on you to keep that data secure.

When you have a plan to back up or recover that data – that’s security.

While no one wants anything bad to happen, companies cannot pretend that they are immune to hacking – or other factors like fires and floods – that can mean data loss. Having a plan in place is peace of mind.

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