If you own a law firm, you probably understand that protecting your data is paramount. So, if you haven’t done so already, this year is the year to schedule a free legal practice IT security checkup with AccuNet.

Data security is a major concern for law practices – as lawyers, we don’t have to tell you that your firm is in possession of sensitive and personal data from your clients. Law firms can be targets of hackers and bad actors – even small firms.

In the American Bar Association’s 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report, which explored security threats and safeguards that attorneys and their firms are using, about 25 percent of respondents reported a data breach in the last year.

At AccuNet, we perform free legal practice IT and security checkups and make recommendations based on those findings so you can protect your firm’s sensitive data.

We review your firm’s data security, including computer security and information systems and more – making recommendations that can protect you and make you less vulnerable to a security breach.

Protecting client data is critical: Either by protecting the methods by which your firm accesses and stores data. Each firm is unique, but we generally recommend using a mix of cloud-based matter management platform and an on-premises based system.

The bottom line is: Your firm needs to protect how your data is accessed in the cloud and ensure proper security to protect the data stored locally on your servers.

Most law firms also need some type of backup system – either on premises, the cloud or both.

The bottom line is this. You are the experts in the legal realm – AccuNet is the expert in the realm of internet security and data protection.

That’s why we offer free a legal practice IT security checkup.

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