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Why You Need to Adapt in the Information Age: Velixo 2020

Given the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in currently, the value of working remotely from home is readily evident.  Cloud-based reporting like Velixo is strategically important to your business continuity.  Make sure to REGISTER for Velixo and AccuNet’s upcoming … Read More

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working at home

Working at home: Solutions for clients

In these ever-changing and unprecedented times, the workforce has shifted to in-office work to working at home. This change didn’t happen gradually (although, in some industries, the trend toward working at home or telecommuting had been on the rise). It happened … Read More

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Use the Downtime from the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic for Business Improvement

When I talk to finance and business owners about business process improvement they always have a wish list, they know what they would like to fix and improve, but they do not have the time! If the experts are correct, … Read More

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ERP system

Three signs it is time for an ERP system

If you own a small business, you know that growing it can have some – ahem – growing pains. Like, do you need an ERP system? Your ERP system is crucial as you scale your business as it helps manage … Read More

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managed IT support

IT isn’t expensive; IT disasters are: Why you need managed IT support

Something we say all the time to clients is: IT isn’t expensive. IT disasters are. In a word, it’s why we are so passionate about managed IT support. If you own a business, you likely have a budget. And we … Read More

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Is Your Business Making the QuickBooks Mistake?

If you are like most businesses in our industry, you are using QuickBooks (QB).  QB is cheap, easy to use and can run a fairly large enterprise, with a few notable shortcomings.  I have had the pleasure of knowing dozens … Read More

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network assessment

Three reasons why your business needs to schedule a network assessment today

Today, more than ever, your business depends on technology. And if you haven’t had a network assessment recently – or ever – 2020 should be the year you make it happen. Business moves at the speed of light and you … Read More

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managing IT services

Challenges companies face when managing IT services in house

Every business owner wants to save money – or at least put money in the right places, right? So, it might make sense to consider managing IT services in house, right? Well, not so fast. Managing IT services in house … Read More

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ERP solutions

ERP solutions and the New Year: Three things to look forward to in 2020

New year, new look – especially when it comes to ERP solutions! Everyone is back to work now after the holidays and we are in a new decade. If you own a business, you might be wondering if it’s worth … Read More

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financial reporting

Workplace collaboration: Why it matters for financial reporting

Everyone knows when you work together, you work better. And this well-known fact is evident in financial reporting as well — at least for most companies! When you think of your company, and its financial reporting, do you think of … Read More

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