As many small manufacturing companies begin to invest more and more into technology, the risk of cybersecurity threats increases as well.

With only so many resources, staff and tools available, what does that mean for average small manufacturing companies?

It means they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks – which can cost time and money – and increase stress and downtime.

The manufacturing industry is a particularly popular target for cybersecurity attacks – which is why small manufacturing companies need to invest NOW into systems that can help prevent them.

So, what does that mean? There are different approaches to cybersecurity for manufacturers, depending on your company’s unique needs.

But the fact is, if your manufacturing company is using robotics, sensors, 3D printers, AI, machine learning or more, you are vulnerable to a cyberattack.

According to a report in 2022 by IBM, manufacturing has emerged as the most targeted industry for cyberattacks. What this means is, manufacturing is more targeted than even the financial sector.

Manufacturers are vulnerable to several different kinds of cyberattacks, including:

  1. Phishing and ransomware
  2. Theft of intellectual property
  3. Attacks on the supply chain
  4. Risks to the Internet of Things

The outlook is grim for manufacturing, meaning it will likely remain a vulnerable industry for some time. That means small manufacturing companies need to take a hard look NOW at investing in cybersecurity measures, making it part of the company culture and planning for the future.

Manufacturing won’t become less high-tech – the industry will likely stay on the continued path of digitization. And that means finding the pain points in your company is – now more than ever – important.

Making sure your manufacturing company has proper security measures in place, training employees and planning for an IT disaster that may come is critical.

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