New year, new you – or make it about starting the year off right with some of our top
tech tips.

Working to keep hardware and software updated, protected and ready to go is a great
goal for 2024. And we can help you with some of our top tech tips. Hackers and bad actors won’t be taking a break in 2024, so neither should you.

Here are our top tech tips for 2024:

1. Check for updates: Most software systems, like Windows, will remind you that an
update is pending, but sometimes it’s good to go in manually and just make sure
you are all set. Some of the optional updates, or updates for installed apps, are
useful – and you won’t know about them unless you check.

2. Have a backup system – and check that it’s working: If you haven’t installed a
backup system, or checked that it’s working as it should, this is the year to make
it happen. Whether it’s a cloud-based system or an external hard drive, get it, use
it and check it frequently.

3. Change/update your passwords: When was the last time you changed or
updated your password? We thought so. If you are still using a password that
includes personal information or that you started using 20 years ago, it’s high
time to update it to a stronger password.

4. Consider hiring an IT consultant. If you have considered hiring an IT consultant,
make 2024 the year that it happens. A good IT consultant can offer specialized
help, onsite services and help you improve your security – all at a reasonable
cost. Cyber attacks are on the rise – don’t be caught without a plan or expert

AccuNet Inc.

What are your top tech tips for 2024? Let us know. And if you want to talk about how
an IT consultant can transform your business, we can help. Contact us today!