Manufacturing companies are only going to become more high-tech in the years to come, so improving manufacturing IT security is paramount to success – and preventing cyber attacks.

The fact is, the manufacturing industry is now more targeted by cybercriminals than the financial sector, according to a report released by IBM.

Hoping that your manufacturing company isn’t targeted isn’t a strategy: It is a matter of when and not if.

Here are some things every manufacturer needs to do now to manufacturing IT security.

  1. Train employees: If your employees haven’t been properly trained in how to mitigate cyber security risks, you are putting your company at risk. Bottom line. Most phishing and other attacks happen because someone inadvertently opens an email that sets off an attack.
  2. Secure email: Email is a necessary evil but it can also be a direct portal into your company. If you don’t have secure email, you are vulnerable to attack. A lack of email domain security can damage your company – quickly.
  3. Data backup: Regularly backing up your company’s valuable data – and storing it offline – is one of the best ways to increase cybersecurity at your business. If you get hit by a ransomware attack, this is the best way out of it.
  4. Use MFA or multi-factor authentication. The fact is, a password just isn’t enough anymore, especially since your employees are probably signing on at coffee shops, at home and more. Your applications, systems and other networks need to have MFA to reduce risk. Yes, it isn’t always efficient, but it is effective.

The fact is, manufacturers need to adopt procedures and plans that have already been in place in other industries for years to prevent online cyber threats.

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