Our ERP services aren’t industry exclusive, but we have extensive experience working in particular fields. If your company fits one of our verticals, we can provide an elevated level of expertise. We welcome you to contact us either way, and AccuNet can help you find the partner that’s best equipped to meet your needs.


AccuNet has been providing financial, grant and budgeting systems to non-profits for over 30 years. We understand grants, restricted funds, SAS 70, 501(c)(3) tax exemption, 990 tax form, compliance reporting, and more. We have clients that are social service non-profits, economic development non- profits, Chambers of Commerce, Educational Resource Centers, performing art centers, and Waste Management services.

One social services non-profit that we have worked with for over 20 years has over 50 locations and several programs. This organization needed to update their general ledger to accommodate complex grants and billing requirements. AccuNet assisted them with a sub account structure to allow for location, program, and fund accounts. This non-profit also has a complex allocation structure to allocate benefits, facilities, IT, and several other general and administration departments. They needed to allocate by head count, cost, or square footage.  AccuNet created GL allocations to accommodate their complex system. This new structure eliminated the need to use spreadsheets to report on grants and programs.

Another non-profit required the addition of project management for a portion of their organization to track capital improvements. This transportation non-profit has specific funding requirements for capital improvements unique to their state, municipality, and federal funding requirements. AccuNet created project and task structures to accommodate their grant and reporting requirements.

Another required a cost matching principle for their state and federal funding.  AccuNet set their projects up in such a way to track cost sharing to grant projects.   This economic development organization has unique costing requirements and allocations that were created in the project system to meet DCAA requirements as well as numerous other Federal and State grants.