Why do you want to work with AccuNet?

We have all the skilled resources – people who love Dynamics SL and use business process improvement methods to deliver value that is multiples of our costs.

Get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics SL (DSL)

We take that word seriously – partner. We love DSL (formerly called Solomon) and want to partner with you to maximize the return on investment in a key resource for your business. DSL is more than an accounting system, it is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. DSL is an automated system that optimizes the business processes you do every day to make your business successful. If you are not working with a partner that is making DSL a competitive advantage for your business, we would like to talk to you.

We understand you and your business

At AccuNet we seek to understand your business, goals, culture, related and manual supporting systems before we make recommendations. We like discovery projects, proof of concepts and pilots. We like to chunk down projects into bite sized pieces, measure success and then advance to the next step. We like continual improvement and long term planning.

Your one-stop-shop

We have skilled DSL consultants, programmers, trainers, help desk, project managers, business process consultants, report writers, and IT professionals on staff to offer a one stop shop. Along with great people, we have systems and processes in place to insure our projects exceed expectations.

Experience and strategic partnerships

Our experience of over 30 years brings with it strong relationships with Microsoft, supporting third party software, skilled contractor specialists, and other DSL partners that have specialized skills. We align all our resources with these relationships to add extraordinary value.

Integration and customization

AccuNet has the experience to properly manage integration projects which are key to a streamlined business process, whether it is HR, Payroll, E-Commerce, MRP, Resource Planning, Requisitions, homegrown operation systems, CRM and many more.

Ongoing training and education

We do regular free educational webinars on existing features and add on modules to DSL that empower our customers. Our philosophy is to teach and coach rather than patch and repair our customer’s systems. We like seeing the light go on when our customers learn a new skill.

Put your ERP investment to work for you

Dynamics SL has succeeded while many past competitors have fizzled away. DSL has a loyal and deep fan base who love this solution as much as we do. DSL’s deep features, powerful processing power, and strong audit features have always made it the accountant’s favorite tool. Partner with AccuNet to keep that tool sharp and efficient for many years to come.

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