Welcome to 2024
& our first newsletter!

The new year is a great time to set goals and make plans to move your business forward. We at AccuNet want to help you in that process with a monthly newsletter and information that can assist you along the way. We will highlight some current changes to ERP solutions as well as offer some suggestions to challenge you in the process of forward thinking.

Let’s dig in. The information provided in each newsletter will be in two sections and highlighted accordingly so that you can cut right to the chase.


One of the greatest benefits a business can have is a direct link between sales, marketing, support and the business application system. For current Acumatica users it may be worth taking a look at how ERP and CRM work together. You can access an Acumatica eBook by clicking on this link. Read our latest eBook

January is a good month to think ahead, and proactively gather information that can help you streamline business functionality. Here is some information that highlights the difference between financial management and accounting and the success you gain with Acumatica.

Something of comfort for our Acumatica clients who transitioned from Microsoft Dynamics SL, is a user satisfaction G2 reviews. You made a SMART choice! User Satisfaction: G2 Reviews Acumatica vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Acumatica Cloud ERP

Hope you were able to download the G2 comparison. This is also a good read for our Microsoft Dynamics SL users who are considering the switch. The research and especially the surveys speak for themselves.

As all of our MSDSL users are fully aware, the End of Life for Dynamics SL 2022 has now been set.
Dynamics SL 2018 – Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn

And here is some additional information on end of life for SL to help inform you. Microsoft prolongs mainstream support for Dynamics SL, but end of extended support won’t change | MSDynamicsWorld.com

We at AccuNet will be able to support those of our clients that are on the SL 2018 version. There will no doubt be difficulties to resolve any issues on any earlier version of SL, as the platform that hosts SL will be outdated. Of course, we will continue to assist you as best we can. Forward thinking is the best step you can take right now to plan for a switch with the proper timeframe that best works for your company, and that is the foundation of this newsletter.

Of course, clients find uncertainty in making a switch to a new ERP solution. In preparation for that, here is a link to a whitepaper Acumatica has provided. Read our latest eBook

Things to Come

AccuNet Client Appreciation Event (ACAE) for our Dynamics SL and Acumatica clients to be held early May. This will be hosted LIVE for those that can attend, and VIRTUAL for those who are unable to make the drive, and open to all employees of your company who touch Acumatica or Dynamics SL. There will be lunch, tracks for both types of clients in breakout sessions, and the opportunity for SL clients to learn from the growth and challenges our Acumatica clients went thru at all stages of an implementation. We will offer presentations by Acumatica experts, users, vendors, and your own AccuNet team. The foundation is to give you a well-rounded educational experience all in one event.

ACCU-PODCAST! AccuNet will present episodes under ten minutes each to highlight a number of topics, that will educate and entertain our clients. We hope to interview clients at all stages of an Acumatica implementation cycle to capture their experience and other SL clients who are in the debate of switching to a new ERP; internal AccuNet staff on topics of preparation or “how to” topics; Acumatica experts on new features or existing functionality; and some approved third-party vendors who offer products that fit nicely with Acumatica.

There will be a link to the podcast on each of these newsletters when they are produced, and all will be saved on the AccuNet website.

ACCUNET FORWARD thinking to help you in preparation for a change from SL to Acumatica and for our Acumatica clients, growth in education, and for all, valuable networking opportunities with like businesses.

If you need to get back to any and all of these newsletters in the future, you will be able to find each on our website at this location