With this edition we want to provide more details on Acumatica 2024 R1, share some insights on preparation for an ERP transition, discuss the plans for the AccuNet Customer Appreciation Event and the next episode in Accu-Podcast! Let’s dig in.

AccuNet Customer Appreciation Event (ACAE) is our THANK YOU event to all of our Dynamics SL and Acumatica clients to be held May 15th at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus. Quest Conference Center | Meeting Spaces in Columbus, OH (quest-centers.com). Doors will open for this event at 8:30 with coffee and breakfast items available for early networking. The schedule of events will run from 10:00 to 2:00 with lunch served. Two ISV partners have graciously agreed to sponsor a portion of the event. We send out a big thank you to Inova Online HR, Payroll, & Benefits Services Provider | Inova Payroll and Celigo Celigo: Integrate, automate, and optimize all your business processes.

We will host roundtable discussions, along with expert presentations from Acumatica and AccuNet consultants, and have some comprehensive talks with those clients that have transitioned to Acumatica or are currently in the process of that switch. We will provide some swag, door prizes and believe you will gain some valuable professional connections from attending this event. An official invitation email with signup details will be sent the first week of April to all who are receiving this newsletter. If you want to register today, use this link https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/6275184

There is no attendance limit per company. Please send as many of your employees as you can spare for the day. For those who are unable to attend, we will be offering some sessions as VIRTUAL Teams meetings.


Each company finds their own benefits to now running Acumatica on the cloud. In John Reed’s thoughtful article there is some great information and how AI fits into the mix: Cloud ERP benefits are about data and automation now. Here’s what Acumatica customers have learned – and how AI fits in (diginomica.com)

Explore Acumatica’s approach to incorporating leading-edge technologies, like AI and machine learning, into their ERP product development—focusing on responsibility, practicality, and value. Learn how they prioritize data privacy, ensure user-friendly AI integration, and deliver tangible business benefits. Acumatica Principles of Innovation: Delivering Innovative Technology and Building Trust | Acumatica Cloud ERP

Feature Benefits for Acumatica 2024 R1 Financials and Payroll

  • Utilize Acumatica Payments to streamline point-of-sale (POS) payment transaction processing by using credit card readers to record payments directly from the Acumatica solution without third-party software.
  • Automate vacation and sick time tracking with new features such as banding rules, anniversary date resets, and simplified adjustments. Enable administrators to manage paid time off during employee probation and plan for future plan changes.
  • Enforce optional or required approval and rejection reasons for financial transactions, such as invoices, bills, adjustments, memos, and payments.
  • Simplify returns on cash purchases by generating cash return transactions included in bank deposits.
  • Improve efficiency by consolidating multiple employee corporate credit/debit card transactions into one account.
  • Expand transaction capabilities in Canada by easily configuring and customizing export payment file formats for the Royal Bank of Canada and other Canadian financial institutions.
  • Comply with sales tax nexus laws with Exemption Certificate Management from Avalara to collect and manage customer exemption certificates for healthcare providers, government organizations, higher education institutions, non-profits, and qualifying manufacturing product sales.
  • Improve credit memos with inclusive credit term due dates and discount amounts, enabling organizations to better align with invoice due dates for improved payment accuracy, receivable reporting, and cash flow forecasting.

More details on other modules can be found here. Acumatica 2024 R1 | Acumatica Cloud ERP

Want to view a webinar comparing Acumatica to Dynamics SL? Take a look at a recording of a webinar AccuNet hosted that provides just that. Webinar – Comparing Dynamics SL to Acumatica (youtube.com)

We at AccuNet can also provide a detailed demo of Acumatica to answer any questions you may have regarding the comparison between the two offerings.

ERP Transition

The highlight we want to point out in this edition of our newsletter for those Dynamics SL users that are considering an ERP transition deals with the concept of preparation. To ensure a smooth transition there are some steps that your staff can do prior to even deciding on which ERP you will be migrating to.

Things to consider:

  • What is our business flow? Is it well documented? If not prepare the documentation.
  • Do our current procedures exist because of the restrictions of our current software?
  • Do we have a log of all reports and information tools our organization utilizes not only internally but for our clients or auditors or outside reporting agencies we are accountable to?
  • Have we allowed our staff to provide suggestions for better operational guidelines? That classic suggestion box is not such a bad idea to implement, especially when you are going shopping for a new ERP system.
  • Who are the key players inhouse that will be involved in an ERP switch, and have you had meetings to discuss the process, not only downtime but implementation testing time requirements?

In preparation for an ERP transition, here are five steps to getting key players onboard for a successful ERP Implementation. How to tell your staff about a new ERP solution in 5 steps (akuiteo.com)

We remind all of our Microsoft Dynamics SL clients that support will be ending for this product. For those clients on earlier versions of SL, the assistance we offer may need to be outsourced to other providers. If you are not ready for an ERP switch and want to move up to the supported version of Dynamics SL 2018, get in touch with AccuNet to assist. Dynamics SL 2018 – Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn

Things to Come

ACCU-PODCAST! As promised, here is the link to the new ACCU-PODCAST! Podcasts | AccuNet Episode three will be posted soon with a candid discussion with Elizabeth Larsen Director of Administration for Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and the transition process from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Acumatica and Inova.

ACCUNET FORWARD thinking newsletter to help you in preparation for a change from SL to Acumatica and for our Acumatica clients, growth in education, and for all, valuable networking opportunities with like businesses. If any of our clients want us to focus in on any particular topic that is current for them, please reach out.

If you need to get back to any and all of these newsletters in the future, you will be able to find each on our website under ERP and Resources at this link. Newsletters | AccuNet