With this edition we want to provide some key growth points from the Acumatica Summit, lay down some ground rules for all businesses to help ensure for a smooth transition from one ERP to another, and share what we have in the works for the AccuNet Customer Appreciation Event. We have also attached a link to the start of the Accu-Podcast at the bottom of the newsletter. Let’s dig in.


Fresh from the 2024 Acumatica Summit, here is the link to the Keynote Presentations from the event. If you were not able to attend, this is a good point of reference of what is in the works. You can watch and share our visionary 2024 Keynote Presentations on demand.

From the conference here is some information regarding customer needs: Acumatica Summit 2024 – customers sound off on sustainability, AI, and why ERP user licensing matters (diginomica.com)

As all our Acumatica clients understand the continued work on the product is rolled out in new versions that are available to implementation.

New features and functionality in 2024 R1 include:

  • An AP Bill Link in Proforma, a new side panel for AP Bill selection and the ability to easily view an attached transaction image, ensuring timely and accurate vendor payments and increased billing accuracy.
  • The ability to report parallel operations, enabling manufacturers to manage production orders with the flexibility to report operations out of sequence and multiple operations simultaneously.
  • Access to distribution requirements planning (DRP) functionality, helping non-manufacturers, particularly distributors, manage inventory supply and demand and plan kitting with material requirements planning (MRP) and DRP.
  • An enhanced Managed Sales Allocation process, delivering more control and flexibility over the order allocation process to customers. Distributors will benefit from consolidated views of allocations, enhanced selection criteria and improved ability to handle backorders efficiently within the same system.
  • The general availability of Amazon entirely in Acumatica, including additional features like “Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory reconciliation” and “Amazon statement reconciliation.” These features will enable companies to streamline and ensure the accuracy of Amazon transactions.

(Source: Corporate Newsroom | Acumatica Cloud ERP)

Acumatica is adding professional services functionality to its cloud ERP platform, as well as several back-office capabilities that are designed to improve ease of use. Here is a good read on what is to ahead for this Professional Service Edition. Acumatica ERP to expand with Professional Services Edition | TechTarget

“With great risk comes great reward”. We are sure you have heard that statement before. Here is some compelling information that may be helpful to implementing an end-to-end cloud ERP solution. Benefits of ERP 4 (hubspotusercontent-na1.net)

LEAP year changes to make in SL. If you have not done this, follow these steps to accommodate the 2024 Leap Year. News & Events – Solomon Cloud Solutions

ERP Transition

In these newsletters we will highlight some preparation steps for an ERP transition. First is taking control of your company’s data. The greatest concern we have found that many of our clients have in switching to a new ERP system is, “what will happen to our data?”

Things to consider:

  • What is the analytical need for the data?
  • Is it used on reports, or was it just a carryover from a legacy system?
  • Does this data need to be held within the ERP system or can it reside outside?
  • Are there data elements that can be combined or eliminated in a new ERP?

The rules that govern how the data is entered into the ERP should be considered for streamlining data fields within a new system, Bottom line is, you don’t want to add fields to hold data that really is no longer needed, just because it was done that way in the past.

In preparation for an ERP transition, here are nine steps to a successful ERP Implementation as outlined on the Forbes Advisor as all of these steps are part of a successful implementation AccuNet walks each of our clients through as they transition to Acumatica. ERP Implementation: The 9-Step Guide – Forbes Advisor

Once again, we remind all of our Microsoft Dynamics SL clients that support will be ending for this product. We at AccuNet will assist with any issues for those of our clients that are on a 2018 version of SL. Those clients on earlier versions, the assistance we offer may need to be outsourced to other providers. Plan ahead if you can and prep for a change now so that you will not lose the ability you have in smooth procedural ERP operations. Dynamics SL 2018 – Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn

Things to Come

AccuNet Customer Appreciation Event (ACAE) for our Dynamics SL and Acumatica clients will be held early May 15th at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus. Quest Conference Center | Meeting Spaces in Columbus, OH (quest-centers.com). As you can see by their website, it is a prime meeting location for events like this one. We hope you will be able to attend in person as it will be a great opportunity to meet others in like businesses and discover how each approaches use of the ERP system. We will have multiple sessions, some guided by experts in the industry, others by ISV partners showcasing their products, along with food, beverage and the chance to glean information from business-to-business contacts. We will be opening up registration in April and invite as many users to the event as can attend.

For those who are unable to attend, we will be offering VIRTUAL Teams meetings.

ACCU-PODCAST! As promised, here is the link to the new ACCU-PODCAST! Podcasts | AccuNet This is the beginning of what we hope to grow into a friendly resource for our clients. Each episode will share the voices behind the AccuNet support and product offerings. We also hope to add some insight that our clients have gained either going through an actual Acumatica implementation or the preparations for an ERP change. We will be reaching out to some of our clients to request their participants. Don’t worry, it will be just a candid conversation, a scripted Q & A session of ten minutes at best. These conversations certainly will help fellow users understand the path ahead and prepare them for change.

ACCUNET FORWARD thinking newsletter to help you in preparation for a change from SL to Acumatica and for our Acumatica clients, growth in education, and for all, valuable networking opportunities with like businesses. If any of our clients want us to focus in on any particular topic that is current for them, please reach out.

If you need to get back to any and all of these newsletters in the future, you will be able to find each on our website under ERP and Resources at this link. Newsletters | AccuNet