About AccuNet

AccuNet /Ak-u-Net/ was named for the combination of the two services provided -Accounting software implementation (Business Systems) and Network Services. Founded in 1989, AccuNet Inc. provides technology solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

Who We Are

A founding principle of AccuNet was to be able to provide software and network services under one roof. In today’s quick changing environment, that principle is still followed and even more important. Even if our customers are not using AccuNet software solutions, the knowledge our network engineers have gained on security, SQL performance, and compliance issues make them better consultants and advisors to the software customers we support. Likewise, when our software consultants run into IT infrastructure issues, our network engineers can work directly with your in-house or outsourced IT services to quickly resolve issues.

How We Do It

We start by understanding your business processes. Regardless of whether we are recommending a new hardware or software technology, we realize this is just a cog in the wheel of your business. Our goal is to understand your business well enough that our solutions solves the problem, aligns with the businesses’ goals and most importantly pay for themselves with real benefits in labor savings, revenue generation and compliance. Businesses use various technologies and software throughout the day in order to improve speed and/or efficiencies. AccuNet aids companies to evaluate their business needs and recommend solutions to help improve their bottom line. We do this by listening to how your business works and where those specific needs lie and recommend solutions to address these needs.

Why We Do It

At AccuNet, we like helping people solve problems. We are not your typical IT or accounting nerds. We like teaching and empowering our customers and take great joy in seeing the “light go on” in the customer’s eyes as they realize they can do this for themselves. AccuNet recruits talented team members with a servant’s heart and the curiosity and observational skills of Sherlock Holmes. In today’s complex world of multi-vendor IT solutions, it takes questioning and deductive skills not only to make systems work, but to work well! We use industry best practices and a heavy dose of common sense to design and build network and information systems that are reliable, well documented, and reduce overhead for our business customers.

Our Team

Michael Milligan

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Zahn

Operations Manager

Fred Strosberg

Customer Service Representative