About Business Systems

About AccuNet Business Systems

AccuNet Inc is a consulting firm, specializing in accounting and business process automation for professional services, non-profits, and distribution businesses. We are accountants, project managers, programmers and IT specialists under one roof who love deploying technology to make businesses more profitable. Our goal is to be a one stop shop.

Who We Are

Our people are experienced problem solvers with practical solutions for mid market companies. Traits of our people are curiosity, process improvement focus, honesty, teachers and learners, client focused, ROI based and goal driven. We work with you to insure software publishers deliver maximum value and your people are trained and empowered to maximize the software solutions we deploy.

What We Do

We start by understanding your business processes and company goals. We align new improvements in business processes to support those company goals. We use small discovery projects; proof of concepts; and a crawl, walk, run approach to learn, validate, and demonstrate successful solutions. Although 80% of all businesses do the same core functions we know that your value add is in the 20% you do differently. We multiple your value add with automated systems that leverage your differences.

How We Do It

It is a sad fact that 60% of all ERP systems fail or fall well short of budget and timeline promised. It is our experience that using our in-house consultants, with practical and accountable deployment strategies we can offer a success rate well into the 90% range. This gives us raving fans, who refer us and continue to invest with us on new projects. We spend little on advertising and marketing. We teach, share knowledge and demonstrate our skills which invite people to share their business challenges with us. We work with a servant’s heart to fill a gaping hole in the market for successful ERP implementations.

Industries We Support

Professional Services

Business Systems

Professional Services is the largest employer and contributor to the GDP. It includes architects, engineers, accounting firms, non-profits, holding companies, investment firms, research, consultants, marketing, product development, and IT firms that have a project/grant or contract focus. In addition to the traditional account and sub account, they often add a third segment to track time, expenses, and inventory to an additional identifier. This allows project management and control of expenses with budgets at a deeper level. Some companies will even approve purchases and time before they are expensed to the project, allowing them to better forecast and manage commitments and expenses.

We understand this type of business and have deep experience with the challenges and automation processes that will help them achieve success. We have even helped businesses that are traditionally considered distribution or manufacturing implement Project Management Systems to get better control of investments, G&A, customer acquisition, product and customer profitability.

Clinical Research Organizations and Foundations (CROs)

CROs perform clinical research on performance and safety of new life enhancing medicine. These companies manage payments to many employees, subcontractors, vendors, and complex billing rules and contracts with Pharma companies require strong project billing rules to streamline paperwork and insure prompt payment.  CROs often pass through most expenses so any mistakes come directly from profits.  In audits of new customers, we often find 2-3% of pass through expenses do not get billed.  Our systems make this type of mistake nearly impossible.


AccuNet has been providing financial, grant and budgeting systems to non-profits for over 30 years.  We understand grants, restricted funds, SAS 70, 501(c)(3) tax exemption, 990 tax form, compliance reporting, and design of financial systems to meet the goals of sponsors, boards, federal and state compliance.

These companies can take many forms but they are generally project, grant, or fund-driven with budgets. Commingling of funds is often not allowed and understanding Financial Reporting standards like No. 117 is essential.

Government Contractors

Systems often need to be federal or state compliant, proven DCAA compliant time card and expenses with demanding rules on allocations, overhead and cost pooling.  We understand DOD and DOE and other government billing requirements.


Fabrics Factory Distribution

Distribution is a booming and highly competitive business sector. Everyone is competing against or wants to offer services like Amazon. We excel in unifying your sales and production sides of the business. Lead to quote, quote to order and order to pick, pack and ship are processes we understand and optimize. Traits of this industry are rapid order to ship cycles, no out of stocks, next day shipping cut offs, product pricing matrices, suggested purchases, volume order discounts, promotions, add on warranties, and order amount to get free shipping.


E-commerce is a competitive edge, the way to reach millennials and the unpaid salesman that works 24/7.  Pairing E-Commerce with a strong distribution and accounting system is the one-two punch that will make you the champ in your market.  There are many E-Commerce systems but Magento is the largest and most powerful for mid-market companies and most importantly we have built in integration between Acumatica and Magento.  The plumbing and programming to make E-Commerce integration with back office systems can break the bank.  It is important to get all this plumbing with the system so you can spend your marketing and web design dollars on making your E-commerce site fun, informative, easy to buy and worth coming back to again and again.

Large Accounts Payable

Large Accounts Payable

High volume AP companies have unique and demanding processes that include document management, workflows, and approval routing trees. Invoices are scanned and routed by the company, vendor, expense type, budget, project, vendor, region, country, product, project, requisition, PO number, and many more identifiers. In high volume, AP environments minutes saved per transaction translate into FTE’s saved, not to mentioned filing cabinets, the floor space they consume and the off-site storage. Research says that the average document is printed seven times during it’s life. An index document library allows easy retrieval, audit, e-mailing and printing. Documents can be searched not only on typical fields like vendor, date and invoice number but also by words in the description of the invoice that might mention an address, location or person that is not typically available for search in an accounting system. Modern Document management systems can often cut days from an audit and greatly reduce demand on your staff because the auditor can be given access and search to their heart's content.

Who We Work With


Acumatica is the only secure, cloud- and browser-based SMB enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that adapts to your business.


Artsyl is a full featured document management and workflow solution with OCR capabilities that allow the software to learn your vendor’s invoice formats and enter voucher detail directly into SL.


CALUMO is a powerful business intelligence and corporate performance management platform created by finance people, for finance people and the teams they serve

Catalina Technology

Catalina Technology provides a B2B and B2C E-commerce site providing all the common links and Web site required to build an E-Commerce site for Dynamics SL.

MaxQ Technologies

MaxQ offers a library of additions and enhancements for Dynamics SL including financials, supply chain and business intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to meet the specific business management needs of project, service, and distribution-driven organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Unify CRM and ERP capabilities and break down data silos with Dynamics 365


NonProfit+ enhances the cloud ERP experience for non-profits


Purchasing and Payment Solution for Dynamics SL. This paperless document management system allows you to automate all requisitions, payments and expenses with workflow through e-mail or mobile phone access.


XLstatements shows you Dynamics SL data in Excel and in real time. It allows you to drill down and use existing Excel functionality to present your data.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization.


Combined financial and project reporting in easy to use Excel