How can your business best leverage cloud platforms?

cloud platforms

It is 2021: If your small business isn’t leveraging cloud platforms, especially Microsoft 365, it’s time to ask yourself why?

Cloud platforms can offer many benefits to small business owners: Flexibility, more reach, productivity. These are just a few things that can benefit your business. And in this age of remote work, a cloud platform can make all the difference in keeping your employees connected – with little to no downtime.

So, how can your business best leverage cloud platforms? We like what Microsoft 365 has to offer, so we will focus on that.

One of the main benefits of a cloud-based platform is that it can really streamline your business and make a company more efficient. Basically, all computing tasks done by your business can be done “in the cloud.”

Basically, your employees’ workstations will be at a central data center in the cloud instead of being located on one internal workstation or computer. What this means is, your workforce can get the information they need to do their jobs via the cloud – where they log in and provide credentials to access data.

The benefits to this vary, but many businesses save money by operating this way. With cloud platforms, you only buy the necessary licenses once for everyone in your company to use.

It also centralizes IT support, meaning your staff can update hardware and software one place – not on multiple devices over and over again.

Your employees will also like that they can access and share documents effortlessly, especially with Microsoft 365’s OneDrive. This file storage system saves space by hosting the necessary documents and files – and it keeps them safely backed up.

Cloud-based software can also easily be customized to your business’ needs and growth, meaning you can really run your company from anywhere.

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If you have questions about how a cloud-based platform can work for your small business, we can help. Contact us today!

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