Three reasons why your business needs to schedule a network assessment today

network assessment

Today, more than ever, your business depends on technology. And if you haven’t had a network assessment recently – or ever – 2020 should be the year you make it happen.

Business moves at the speed of light and you cannot afford to be down for any length of time. Without a reliable network, how would you communicate, serve your customers and clients and have productive employees? Answer: You won’t be able to do any of those things.

If you are considering scheduling a network assessment, here are three reasons to make the call today. Read on:


If your business is growing – and changing – it is a perfect time to do a network assessment to see if your current system can handle new customers and workload. Having one done can save you headaches down the road (especially if you are hiring several new employees or moving to a new location) because you can troubleshoot if you will need upgrades and updates while you are still in the early stages of planning and budgeting.


Are your employees complaining about how your network is currently performing? Are customers and clients complaining about your technology or speed? If you keep hearing the same complaints over and over, it’s time to look at your current network and how to improve it.

Don’t wait until you start losing employees or customers. Get ahead of the issue.


If you have had a security breech or a hacking instance, it’s definitely time to look into a network assessment. You don’t want to risk losing valuable data – or having customer files be compromised – not to mention, losing time and productivity to fixing the issue. If you have had an issue, or even if you THINK you might have an issue, security problems are a great reason to have an assessment.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about network assessments and help you decide if it’s time for your small business to do one. Contact us today.

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