Working remotely: Security considerations for home offices

working remotely

Are you working remotely? Are your employees?

Right now, many offices are shifting to working remotely as the country tries to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you or your employees have left the office for their home office, you might be wondering about security considerations.

You aren’t alone.

At AccuNet, we understand the very real concerns of working remotely and security issues.

Here are some things you need to know about working remotely and security. Read on:

Secure devices

If you or your employees are working remotely, you need to ensure that the devices being used are secure. How? By having effective and up-to-date endpoint security software, a Windows 10 operating system, a secure home wireless network with a passphrase required for connection – to start.

Phishing awareness

Your employees who are working remotely need to be vigilant about phishing scams and practice awareness. Being separated from colleagues can leave your employees vulnerable – mainly because they may not ask if others have received a suspicious email or check in with IT staff to see if it is valid and should be opened.

Times of crisis can sometimes bring out the worst in people and there are those who will try to scam others.

We offer Securence email filtering for Spam, phishing and viruses, in addition to CEO Fraud Protection to prevent people from impersonating C-level employees, managers, and supervisors to scam lower level employees.

Cloud Access

If you have moved to remote work, you might be relying on cloud-based solutions. This makes working from home simpler, as there is no need to remote back to a central location or server.

However, major migrations might not be feasible for immediate solutions, but for future situations, moving platforms to the cloud can make working remotely much less of a stressor.

Office 365

If you aren’t using Office 365, it is time to start. Why? It can make your virtual office much more streamlined and effective. How? It’s not just hosted email; Office 365 has become a complete collaboration platform with Teams and SharePoint being some of the most versatile tools for a remote workforce. It’ll make getting together easier – and more efficient.

Hosting server-based applications in datacenters

We can host client-owned servers in our Cologix datacenter rack space or work with our strategic business partners to host client applications on virtual hosted servers. These datacenters have redundant power, climate control, multiple ISP feeds, and physical security to ensure continued uptime in situations where a server running in an office may lose power or connectivity. No one wants downtime when time is of the essence.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about working at home and how we can help your business make it work, quickly and securely. Contact us today.

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