Working at home: Solutions for clients

working at home

In these ever-changing and unprecedented times, the workforce has shifted to in-office work to working at home.

This change didn’t happen gradually (although, in some industries, the trend toward working at home or telecommuting had been on the rise). It happened quickly, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in the United States.

That means businesses of all sizes had to adapt quickly to help facilitate working from home for their employees, as governments asked citizens to stay at home to help contain the spread or “flatten the curve.”

At AccuNet, we know this change needed to happen so we can all stay productive and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

We have two solutions for clients looking for support as they transition from in-office work to working from home.

If your business needs assistance with this process, here are two solutions. Read on:

Virtual Private Networks

Your employees are used to being connected to a network that offers a package of tools to get work done. Email, Internet access, software to create or track information, ways to share and contribute information. In other words, a network.

But if everyone is working from home, how do you recreate that network to keep your business moving? It’s called a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. You can essentially use a VPN on your home computer to securely log in to your network at work, seamlessly recreating the same environment virtually and securely.

Things to consider with VPNs:

  1. The at-home computers need to be properly protected with endpoint security software
  2. Don’t allow compromised devices into your secure network

Other working from home options

If you don’t have firewalls protecting your office networks (or if your VPN wouldn’t work or cannot be properly secured, there are options like a standalone remote desktop platform.

For that, we’d recommend enterprise-grade hardware firewall to protect critical business data. Another, more immediate option, is a Splashtop license (which is $5 per device per month). This application is installed on the remote computer and within minutes, your employee can be working at home, safely and securely.

There are other secure solutions, such as a remote desktop gateway available, depending on your business’ infrastructure.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about working at home and how we can help your business make it work, quickly and securely. Contact us today.

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