Top Seven Business Automation Needs for a CRO

  1. Web access from anywhere – whether a branch office, home office, site or in the field. Cloud-based systems check all these boxes, eliminate local servers, cut internal IT costs, and will even work on a smart-phone.
  2. All study documents, one place – Share quotes, work orders, project budgets, study reports, and lab results with employees or even customers from one website.
  3. Sales, project management and financials in one system – rather than cobbled together systems, one out of the box solution solves costly integration, programming and upgrade nightmares.
  4. Imagine a system where managing sales, viewing pipeline, forecasting backlog, quoting, project setup and invoicing is all part of one streamlined workflow.
  5. Time and Expenses entered from any device, as incurred and they flow automatically to reimbursement and customer billing.
  6. A system that incorporates your bid grid or pricing matrix to reduce errors, speed quotes, create won bids as projects and even has the ability to allow customers to self-serve some products.
  7. CROs, Biotechs, and Labs are increasingly global and multi-lingual so your sales and financial systems must be global too.

AccuNet delivers on these top seven requirements every day. If you would like to have a free discovery session on how we address your unique business, can help. Contact Michael Milligan at [email protected]

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