Three things to know when selecting a new ERP system

new ERP system

If you are a small business owner considering a new ERP system, you probably have questions.

Its natural – an ERP system is an expense and not a minor one. There are many things to consider and it can be tricky to know where to start your research.

Here are three things to know before you select your new system. Read on:

Needs and goals for a new ERP system

Start your search for an ERP system by figuring out your company’s needs and goals. Do you need to grow or become more automated or efficient? Do you need to become more nimble or responsive?

It’s also good to understand your company’s operations and requirements. Make a list of key processes.

Knowing your needs and goals can help you make the best decision.


There are many factors in the cost of an ERP system and maybe you don’t need the biggest and best. Or, maybe you do. By knowing your company and what your employees need and do, you can choose a system that works for you.

Pick the right company

Choose the right company to implement your system and you’ll save headaches in lost productivity, training, support and management. Get referrals. Talk to similar companies and see who they trust.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about ERP systems and we offer a free requirements planning session to help you build the core requirements. Contact us today.

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