Three signs it is time for an ERP system

ERP system

If you own a small business, you know that growing it can have some – ahem – growing pains. Like, do you need an ERP system?

Your ERP system is crucial as you scale your business as it helps manage all the tasks you need to successfully run your operation. If you don’t have an ERP system – or if you are wondering if yours needs an upgrade – you might be asking yourself some questions.

Here are three signs its time for an ERP system. Read on:

Your business isn’t running smoothly – you need an ERP system

A good system will allow you and your employees to work in an efficient, easy and quick manner. If you are seeing productivity issues or your employees are having to manually do tasks like track orders or send invoices, your systems are not working for you – they are working against you.

This is frustrating for your employees and can damage your business reputation by causing errors or frustration for your customers and clients.

You need to save money

A good ERP system – once you pay for it and have it installed – should save your company money in productivity and efficiency. If your system is causing more headaches than you are seeing in returns, that’s an imbalance that needs corrected – and fast.

If your system doesn’t allow for full accounting and sales capabilities, that is also going to cost you in the long run. Your system should give your staff the most recent sales figures, inventory and other data.

Your clients and customers also expect up-to-the minute updates on their order status, as well as other details and data nowadays.

You don’t have mobile capability

The fact is, people are using their mobile devices – phones and tablets – to do business more than ever before. If your system doesn’t allow for that, you are behind the times, not to mention it’s bad for business and your employees.

Both your employees and your customers need access via mobile 24/7. Anything else is slowing down your business and hindering its growth.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about ERP systems and discuss with you about getting one or investing in an upgrade. Contact us today.

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