Technology in the Dental Office

The use of technology in the dental office is an intricate component of servicing each and every patient.   When dentists are trained in school, they are not always using the latest and greatest technology for servicing patients.  Dentists are trained in traditional methods using traditional tools.  It is their years after graduation that dentists will begin to see and use software programs that enable them to perform a higher level of service to their patients.

Many dental practices utilize a package of software within their office.  Software programs that are specific to dentistry and other software that is specific to general business operations.  The learning curve for any dentist out of school can be a steep one.  Systems like Quickbooks, Dentrix, Softdent, Dexis, data management, data backups, information security, and HIPAA can be overwhelming in entering a dental career.

AccuNet is a regional technology support partner for dentists and medical professionals throughout the Midwest.  We specialize in supporting dental offices through a monthly service plan model.  AccuNet maintains a help desk that is committed to answering the phone, minimizing down time, and ensuring the office is efficiently running.  Our goal is to ensure that any issues the office experiences can be corrected within a timely manner while the dental practice can focus on patient care.

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