What is the Dark Web and Should Your Company Be Scared of it?

The Dark Web, when you hear those words it sounds rather ominous doesn’t it? Most of what people browse on the internet is referred to as the “Surface Web” and it’s open to anyone with a regular internet browser. However … Read More

WatchGuard Video: How Spyware Works

Scott Pinzon, CISSP, hosts interview clips where world-renowned Internet security experts explain how spyware works. Perfect for helping non-technical users understand the damage one errant click can cause. Running time 12:27 [googlevideo=]

WatchGuard Video: How Password Crackers Work

This video demonstrates an automated tool that hackers use when decrypting password files. Even non-technical users will understand how short passwords make a crook’s job easy, and why long passwords are stronger. Running time 9:03 [googlevideo=]