Still struggling to fully implement a remote workforce? Three things that might help!

remote workforce

We are nearly two months into the global COVID-19 pandemic and it is looking like a remote workforce is becoming a part of our new normal.

But if you are struggling to fully implement a remote workforce, that’s OK! There are things that can help. It’s a good idea to think about ways you can help your employees work remotely now, and into the future, as there is much we don’t know about the pandemic and the steps that governments will need to take to keep everyone safer.

So here are three things that might help, if your business is struggling to fully implement a remote workforce. Read on:

Security at home for your remote workforce

If your workers are working at home, is security keeping you up at night? Do you worry about your company’s data and how it is being protected? These are valid worries and concerns, but there are ways to have a remote workforce and keep data secure. Endpoint security software on each employee’s home computer is one way. Small branch office firewalls (if your budget allows for it) is another.

These are also good options to invest in now, especially if you or your employees plan to work from home beyond this current pandemic situation.

Security at the office

There are also things you can do in your office to help maintain security integrity. You don’t have to sacrifice it on your office network to make it easier for your employees to work remotely. There are VPN clients and third-party remote connectivity software options (like Splashtop) that allow you and your staff to have secure remote connections that will also restrict access to specific resources.

The best thing this does is mitigate the exposure of your company’s network to external attacks. And that’s peace of mind.

Collaboration tools

If one of your issues with a remote workforce is breakdown of your team’s collaboration efforts, we get it. It’s difficult to transition from an in-person team to a virtual team.

However, we live in amazing times where there is a plethora of collaboration tool options to help stay connected and working as a team. Microsoft Teams, web conferencing platforms, VoIP phone systems are just a few to consider and implement.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about options for helping your business better implement a remote workforce. Contact us today.

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