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Why SaaS Accounting Software Is Much Safer From Ransomware Attacks and Other Malware

In a SaaS deployment, users do not have direct access to the application or SQL.  Most ransomware uses the security permissions of the user.  SaaS programs like Acumatica do not allow direct access to the application or SQL.  All users … Read More

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How to Tell if You Are Ready for a New ERP System

What is an ERP system? ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning – in addition to standard GL, AP and AR accounting functions, ERP systems combine all business functions into one system to handle CRM, MRP, Distribution, E-Commerce, Project Management, … Read More

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Three things to know when selecting a new ERP system

If you are a small business owner considering a new ERP system, you probably have questions. Its natural – an ERP system is an expense and not a minor one. There are many things to consider and it can be … Read More

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Glossary of Common ERP System Terms

We love glossaries and definitions of terms.  They are the building blocks for communications.  Even if our understanding of a term is slightly different, we have a flawed foundation for communicating.  Here are common terms we use in this industry, with an AccuNet spin.

Knowing these terms will allow you ask better questions like; when a vendor says their system runs on SQL, you can ask which SQL?  When a vendor says the license is SaaS, you can ask what is included?  Upgrades? Sandbox? SQL license? Backups? How many users?  How many transactions? How much storage? How am I compensated if you fail to meet the SLA?  When the vendor drops terms like ERP, MRP, and CRM, you can ask what business functions are included and what are extra.  Knowledge is power and knowing these terms will prepare you to defend yourself, in the tech world full of prickly acronyms.