Ransomware and small businesses: Why managed IT support can prevent disasters

If you own a small business, you might not think about ransomware as being a threat. After all, you are small. Why would a hacker target you?

The fact is, ransomware and hackers target small businesses every day – they don’t just go after the big guys. They are looking for whatever they can get and it’s your job to make sure your company’s sensitive data is secure.

So, what is ransomware? In a nutshell, it’s a cyber attack done by a hacker or hackers that can shut down your computer or system until you pay up. If you don’t pay, your files remain encrypted or inaccessible.

It works by getting into your computer system via an email, social media message or other attachment. This is why you shouldn’t open anything from anyone you don’t recognize and don’t just randomly click links in emails.

So, why are smaller companies at risk? In a word: Small businesses tend to have weaker security measures in place, making them easy targets. And they can be devastating, because small businesses usually don’t have adequate backup systems and such attacks can halt all operations – meaning people are more likely to pay up.

With all this said, what can be done? Quite a few things, to be honest. Managed IT support can help your small business avoid cyber attacks and ransomware by making security a priority. By hiring managed IT support, you can ensure that someone is always on guard against hackers, backing up your data and making sure anything that happens is handled, professionally and swiftly.

Managed IT support will ensure that your small business has multiple layers of security – meaning hackers will have a harder time attacking you (they might avoid it all together!). The saying around here goes: IT isn’t expensive; IT disasters are.

 AccuNet Inc.

If your small business needs help with managed IT support or you have questions about ransomware, we can help. We understand your needs and can help tailor a custom package. Contact us today!


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