Protect Your Small Business from Scammers in 3 Easy Steps

Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics, and small businesses are prime targets, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced Operation Main Street:  Stopping Small Business Scams, a law enforcement and education effort to stop these types of scams (

Small businesses often bridge the scammers’ target gap between individuals – who are potentially more susceptible but provide a reduced payoff – and larger companies – which promise a significant payoff for a successful scam but are more likely to have policies and procedures in place to foil a scammer.

AccuNet is your ally in keeping your small business off the trophy wall of some scammer.  With our experience and technical expertise we can help you harden your business’s defenses against the persistent threat of scammers in three easy steps:  1. Hardware Deployment, 2. Training, and 3. Policy Enforcement.

In spite of the most sophisticated network security hardware and the most effective endpoint security software, the human factor can often create a weak point in your business’s defenses.  Scams are designed to cause the target to panic, often by notifying of issues with an account unless steps are taken; loss of access to data and/or accounts; or in some instances, threating legal and/or law enforcement action.  All of the concerns these create are unfounded, as the scammer has not access or authority to carry out any of the threats until the user inadvertently provides them with the information they are after.  Oftentimes these are account credentials obtained by spoofing login pages (popular when scammers are targeting Office 365 users).

AccuNet has partnered with KnowBe4 ( to provide security awareness training for your employees to make them aware of the methods scammers will use to gain access to secure accounts and data.  With trained and alert staff you can rest easier knowing that your employees are equipped to identify potential scams, and with policies in place for handling these threats your employees can effectively head them off before they become a risk to your business.

Let us know you need us to protect your business’s network from scam attempts and train your people to become savvy to the tactics of scammers by dropping us a line at or emailing us at [email protected].

The Homeland Security article linked to in the first section is the inspiration for this.

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