CALUMO is a powerful business intelligence and corporate performance management platform created by finance people, for finance people and the teams they serve

We make Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management easy.

Our BI & CPM tools are designed so everyone can access and understand your business data. You don’t need to be a technical genius or spend a fortune on additional modules or plugins. It’s all integrated into the one solution, built on the Microsoft stack and accessible on any device.

CALUMO gives you everything you need to combine performance data and deliver insights that matter. It’s designed for finance people and the teams that rely on them, with a range of features that will drive greater efficiency, collaboration and productivity across your organisation.

Our all-in-one solution automates your everyday, high-risk and high-value tasks, so you can focus on your team and your business. Best of all, it transforms Microsoft Excel into the asset it should be, without any additional modules, hidden costs or heavy training.

CALUMO reimagines corporate performance management and business intelligence from the ground up, so you can stay agile and make life easier for your team. There’s no bloat and no friction—just one finely-tuned and beautifully simple BI and CPM tool.

CALUMO provides the flexibility to writeback data on your own terms. Integrating business intelligence and writeback into a single application means you can keep an eye on the past, while you focus on the future. While most business intelligence tools require a separate plugin or application to enjoy the benefits of writeback, we’ve built it into CALUMO for no additional cost.

You already know what information you need to share with management and board members each month or quarter. So why waste time creating the same report over and over again? CALUMO’s BI reporting tools automate the process, so you don’t need to worry about formatting documents or double-checking the numbers. Simply build reports in the familiar environment of Excel and publish them as a secure and dynamic webpage in one click.

CALUMO transforms business users into analysts, no training required. If you see an interesting trend or indicator in a report, simply point and click to view the next layer of analysis. Drill down to the original transaction, up to business KPIs or across to related data. It’s completely effortless and gives your team the information they need to understand and act on their data. Every Guided Analytics path created by your team is stored and can be retrieved at any time, so you won’t lose valuable insights when someone is on leave or gets promoted.

CALUMO can connect to you data sources either using one of our existing connectors or via a custom-built API integration. You’ll save time and improve the accuracy of your reports, without the need to switch applications or double-check the numbers. Once your data is integrated with CALUMO, you can quickly view and analyse it on any device, then create professional reports in minutes. It’s one of the easiest ways to streamline your budgeting, planning and analytics.

Skylights allows you to pull data from your business intelligence platform and place that content in documents and presentations, without any tricky tables or awkward copying and pasting. The data is sourced directly from the CALUMO server, so you don’t need to check the data or work out whether you’re using the latest information. Simply hit the ‘refresh’ button on the Skylights ribbon in Word or PowerPoint and your documents are updated in moments, including commentary and notes.

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