Artsyl Document Management

Artsyl is a full featured document management and workflow solution with OCR capabilities that allow the software to learn your vendor’s invoice formats and enter voucher detail directly into SL.

Artsyl focuses on delivering smart process technology products and solutions that automate routine business processes. The first step in the process is the intelligent extraction of meaningful information from structured content (like database record and forms) and unstructured content (like paper or electronic documents). For most organizations, it’s the most painful and costly step in most business processes. But it’s only the beginning.

Next, by leveraging your business rules, Artsyl transforms that information into action—securing approvals, delivering automatic status updates, creating transaction records, establishing audit trails and delivering detailed reporting. Artsyl’s solution approach allows you to cost-effectively automate ANY business process, eliminating manual data entry, routing, process monitoring and transaction creation.

Artsyl’s docAlpha Smart Process Platform is the company’s flagship product. docAlpha provides a platform that allows organizations to intelligently extract data from existing documents and files, organize and manage that data and leverage that data to automate any business process.

docAlpha automatically captures, classifies and sorts large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents, extracts useful data, validates data against their business rules, and routes documents for approval. As part of the process, docAlpha can create or append related business records in ERPs, CRMs, ECMs or other business applications. Learn more

Smart Process Applications, built on top of the docAlpha platform, are solutions that allow companies to cost-effectively and efficiently automate a wide range of business processes, including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Expense management
  • Human Resource onboarding and employee administration
  • Medical claims processing

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction app delivers a pre-configured AP invoice automation solution. Artsyl’s ClaimAction helps healthcare providers take the pain out of medical claims processing.

The power of docAlpha; the convenience of the Cloud:

In addition to providing docAlpha as a client/server solution, Artsyl provides a software-as-a-service offering called Cloud. Cloud combines the power of intelligent document capture and process automation with the convenience and cost effectiveness of cloud-based delivery.

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