Part 2: How to best utilize technology to improve business practices – Efficiency


For small business owners, you probably ask yourself often whether upgrading your technology can help improve your business practices — and improve efficiency

But it can be hard to find the time to do enough research to decide what technology to invest in and how it can actually provide real-world solutions.

Trust us: By not looking at ways technology can improve your business practices, you could be costing your business revenue and missed growth opportunities.

We’ve put together a two-part blog series on how to use technology to improve your business practices. In this second installment, we are focusing on efficiency.


If you haven’t upgraded your hardware (laptops and other devices) or software (are you still running Windows 7?) then you are probably experiencing productivity gaps and downtime that is costing you efficiency.

Keeping up with new technology, hardware and software, means you get rid of older, slower and less reliable devices and systems in favor of newer, faster and more efficient ones.

It’s hard to make the investment, we know. But you could be costing yourself business because you are using outdated and slow devices.


The simple fact is, security breaches happen and they are more likely to happen on older devices and with older software that doesn’t have the latest updates and security systems. And a security breach could cost you your business.

We always say, IT isn’t expensive but IT disasters are. And if you aren’t focused on updating and making your systems secure, it’s only a matter of time before you have a major failure, a security breach or worse.

And you will lose time, productivity and efficiency dealing with it, that could impact your business for months or years.

Doing the math

It can be daunting to think about major upgrades, but generally when we sit down with clients, we are able to show them the cost analysis of maintaining an on-premises Exchange server vs. migrating to Microsoft 365.

Yes, there is an initial cost, but you will save over the long haul in other ways.

‘And you will also be able to work smarter and more efficiently – increasing productivity – because the data and documents you need will be in the place they should be – easily accessed and shared.

AccuNet Inc.

If you have questions about investing in technology can help your small business become more efficient, we can help. Contact us today!

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