Office 365 vs. webmail: How to choose a business email

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Office 365 vs. webmail: If you are a small business owner just starting out, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to invest in something like it for business email.

Really, is moving to exchange mail like Office 365 REALLY all that better than using webmail?

It really comes down to communication with your clients. Webmail is vulnerable to hackers – it happens more than you think. And if your business email gets hacked, you could lose business or more importantly, your clients could lose faith in you – and find someone else.

Let’s start with the business email basics. What is webmail vs. Office 365?

Webmail is email that you can look at and use from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Think Google or Yahoo. They are good for remote workers who need flexibility. Most are also free, which makes them tempting for small businesses just starting out.

They do have downfalls. Webmail can not only be hacked, but it can be changed, lost or impossible to recover. After all, you’d be relying on the company to help you!

Webmail are also not HIPAA, SOX or CFPB compliant if you are sending health or financial information, as they scour your messages and personal information and sell it to third parties.

Only the respective entity that hosts the email in a webmail environment can resolve or properly administrate your email. However, in an Office 365 environment, AccuNet can have administrative access to resolve issues and work with Microsoft directly as a certified partner.

They can also have storage limits.

With a platform like Office 365, you can access it on your main computer, mobile devices, and anywhere in the world that you have internet connectivity. It is linked to an Exchange server hosted by Microsoft and you usually have access to services like a calendar, address book, chat through Teams, and other productivity and collaboration features.

Also, the emails would be stored on your computer or a server, meaning you’d have a fighting chance to recover them if lost.

Best of all, they usually offer encryption and better security measures for your business email.

They aren’t free, however.

If you are wondering what to do with your business email, we can help.

AccuNet Inc.

At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about how to keep your business email secure, and help you set up systems to keep it that way. Contact us today.

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