Moving to a new ERP for process Improvement? Here are some ways to prepare!

ERP for process improvement

Are you looking to move to a new ERP for process improvement this year? Congratulations! It’s a big step. And there are things you can do to prepare, to make the process as easy – and painless – as possible.

There are a few steps to note that can make the transition to a new ERP for process improvement even more smooth, so read on and learn more.

Designate a project manager

One of the first things you need to do when setting up the transition to a new ERP for process improvement is to choose a project manager to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. This person will need the expertise and experience to manage this project and help it go as smooth as possible. You can choose someone internally to fill this role; however, you can also find someone externally to manage this project as well.

Set goals

Once you have your project manager in place, it’s helpful to sit down and set some goals and benchmarks for the project. Setting these in place early on will ensure that you know what you need and how to get it – so you don’t lose valuable time or resources.

Really think about what a new ERP system can do for your company and then set your goals accordingly.

Make sure your ERP solution is the right fit

Not every ERP system will work for every company, so be sure the one you choose is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your organization – and what you might need in the future.

Testing and training

Once you’ve chosen a system and began implementing it, make sure you have a solid testing plan figured out so you can ensure it’s all working properly – and well – so you have as smooth a transition as possible. And then, make sure you take the time to properly train your employees in the new system, so they know all the ins and outs and can use it to its full capacity.

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