Spam. Phishing. Viruses. Email threats are a real problem, meaning if you aren’t paying attention to your company’s email security, you are at an even greater risk.

According to the FBI, email threats soared in 2021. There were more than 800,000 complaints of cybercrime filed and $6.9 billion in losses. Chances are, your company relies heavily on email and the Internet for communications, so breaches must be stopped.

And that starts with email security. Here are four things you need to know. Read on:

What is email security?

Email security is not just one thing. It involves several components: Education, protection and security, to name a few. You probably don’t fully understand it and that’s OK; finding a provider who does – and who can put protections in place – is key. There are many options.

What protections do I need?

It’s a rare company that doesn’t use – and heavily rely – on email for communication, both internally and with customers, vendors and clients. Email is sent all day, every day, and it is one of the main ways scammers can get into your system. So, if you use email, yes, you need email security measures in place. The fact is, the vast majority of phishing scams and cyber-attacks start with an email.

Types of threats

There are several types of threats:

  • Spam: Spam can seem harmless, but if you click the wrong link, or open the wrong attachment, you can be subjected to a hacker’s attack.
  • Phishing: Phishing emails are sent to try and trick your employees into releasing sensitive data, like bank account information, logins and more – both for company employees and customers. They can look legitimate.
  • Viruses: You might be familiar with viruses. They can be introduced to your system or network in many ways and can wreak havoc – and are generally costly.

Types of protections

Just like there are several types of threats, there are also several different types of security measures. Generally, a multilevel approach is necessary and best. Companies need barriers in place like identity protection, AppRiver email threat protection, and multifactor authentication protocols. Spam filters are also recommended, as are email filters and scanners that sift through emails looking for markers or clues that an email is up to no good.

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