Is your business email secure? Three things to consider!

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If you are a business owner, you have a lot on your mind. And if one of those things isn’t how to keep your business email secure, you could have a mess on your hands one day.

How to keep your business email secure isn’t always a fun or interesting topic, but having your email down – even for a short amount of time — can affect your sales, employees and customers and clients.

Not to mention, a security issue could mean data theft and more.

So, as a business owner, what can you do to keep your business email secure? Here are three things to consider. Read on:

Talk to your employees about security

If your employees don’t understand email security, they certainly can’t adhere to security best practices. Every company, no matter the size, should have training so all employees understand how to keep the company email safe and secure. This can include training in how to create strong passwords, how to be on the lookout for malware, don’t use public WiFi for company emails/business and don’t open attachments from unknown sources.

Keep your anti-virus software up to date

If you’ve let your antivirus software slide, make it your job today to fix the issue. Up-to-date and rock-solid anti-virus software may cost you upfront but it can save you big bucks down the road, so make sure it’s there when you need it. And you likely need it every single day.

Email filtering is also a useful tool; we offer it to clients through our partner Securence. It’s a great first line of defense and can benefit many small businesses.

Don’t “unsubscribe” to spam email

Yes, we know. We all get hundreds and hundreds of annoying spam emails. And it’s pretty tempting to click “unsubscribe” to them, to clean out your inbox and save time. But doing so can put your company at risk and do harm. Why? Hackers put them in emails for a reason – to trick you and gain access.

So, what can you do today? Set up a meeting or training for your employees to go over points like these so you can keep your business email secure.

Remember, hackers don’t take a day off. And neither should you.


At AccuNet, we can answer your questions about how to keep your business email secure, and help you set up systems to keep it that way. Contact Seth Travis at [email protected] or 614-568-2103 today.


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