Four benefits of hiring an ERP implementation project management team

project management team

If you have a big ERP implementation project coming up, you are likely busy and stressed. Enter: The solution to your problems – a project management team!

Most businesses do not realize that when they take on a business system implementation, you need an internal project manager and an external project manager that comes with the project.  AccuNet will provide the external project manager, but it is in your best interest to have a robust internal project manager that is continually working to maximize your investment and head off mistakes.  The internal project manager knows your employees, many of your business processes and works for your company’s benefit, not only the success of the project.  Since this project manager was actively involved, gained knowledge and skills during the implementation, your company will continue to benefit long after the project is complete.

Hiring a qualified project management team to oversee your ERP implementation project — whether it’s for Acumatica, Dynamics SL, or even network implementations –can provide many benefits. It can also relieve your stress and provide much better outcomes. 

We find that many business owners overestimate their bandwidth and skills to manage ERP implementations in our work.  If you are already working 50 to 60 hours a week, will you find another 20 to 30 to drive an ERP implementation?  You’ll need to think frankly and honestly here: Do you have the capacity? It’s OK if the answer is no. AccuNet can fill the gap with extra resources to schedule, test, and keep the team on track. 

Searching internally for a project management resource is the first place to look.  Be creative. Maybe you can hire a temp to offload work from an existing employee during the business system implementation.  We sometimes see new hires dedicated to the project management role before they get consumed with regular responsibilities.  Your CPA firm may have resources that can supplement.

Additionally, who do you know with PM skills? It could be a spouse of an employee, a retired employee, a board member, or another related party.  Ideally, you are looking for someone who has a vested stake in your success and has experience and training in project management.

Here are four benefits to hiring an ERP implementation project management team. Read on:

Knowledge and experience

If you hire the right team, they will have the experience and know-how to effectively manage your project, meaning you are free actually to run your business. Chances are, you’ve not managed a project of the size and scope, but a good team has, and they also know how to get the work done – and hire the right people to do it. 


By hiring a team to manage your project, you’ll save: Not only money but time. A good team will take on what needs to be done and do it – meaning you are freed up to keep running your business. They’ll also likely have a line on saving money, since they are experienced in running large projects.


When you hire a top team to manage your project, you get accountability. What does this mean? It means you have someone who can keep the trains running on time, so your project goes smoothly and finishes when it should – and on budget. It also means you have someone to communicate with about the project, so there is no doubt what’s happening and when.

AccuNet Inc.

If you are considering hiring a project management team and have questions or concerns, we can help. Contact us today!

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