Five questions to ask when upgrading your reporting software

reporting software

If you are a business owner who is looking to upgrade your reporting software, you probably have questions.

It is, after all, a big decision and you want to know you are making the correct choice.

Analytics are important to every business, especially in this fast paced world, and so if your business is looking to grow, understanding that you need to upgrade your reporting software is the first step.

You probably know, however, that not all reporting software is the same and so before you make the investment, here are five questions to ask. Read on:


One of the main questions you probably have about reporting software is: Is it secure? And that is a great place to start. Ensuring that your company’s sensitive data is secure should be top of mind. Good financial reporting software will let you control who has access to your data and how you can put in – and monitor – sensitive documents and information.

Timing and training

If you need your data quickly, and you need to train your employees, you’ll need to get a solid timeline on how these things are handled. Make sure you know when you will have these answers – in hand.

Ease of use

You might be wondering if the reporting software will let you add data from different sources and at different times – and how it is all managed and accessed. You don’t want to make more work (this is supposed to make you more efficient!) so make sure to ask how the workflow and multiple data points, ERP systems etc. is managed.

Collaboration and sharing

One of the best things about good reporting software is that it allows for more collaboration and sharing. So, you’ll need to make sure yours can do that – meaning, can it be centralized and shared easily and effectively.


Cost. Before entering into this process, it’s a good idea to set a basic parameter for how much you can – and will spend. Most companies can work within your framework and provide you a system that will work for you.

AccuNet Inc.

If your business has questions about reporting software, we are here to answer your questions. Contact us today!


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